Power Washing Overview

More and more people are realizing the force behind a power washer and they are using that to their advantage.  There are many cleaning projects that you can get done with ease by using a pressure washer.  A pressure washer is a machine that utilizes the power of pressurized water.  The pressure washer is equipped with specialized pumps that force the water out at 100 times faster than a garden hose.  Many people think that a pressure washer uses a great deal of water but the truth is that it actually uses about 80% less than using a garden hose to do the same job so not only are you cleaning more efficiently, you are also saving water.

There are personal pressure washers that home owners use for various cleaning projects and then there are commercial pressure washers that allow professionals to do massive cleaning jobs such as stripping old paint from a house so that it can be freshly painted or cleaning a driveway from stains and years of built up grime.  Before you use a pressure washer you should understand how it works, as you can run the risk of injury to yourself or do damage to the area you are trying to clean by not being properly trained.

No matter which type of machine you are using, the process is still the same with basically 4 parts to pressure washing.  The fundamentals that make things work is water flow rate, pressure, cleaning solutions, and heat if available.  Taking away just one of these elements will alter the end results.  In order to get the job done right, you need to take into consideration the type of material you are working on as you will need to adjust the machine to work accordingly.

If you have decided that it is time to buy your own pressure washer, you need to know which one to get as there are many levels to choose from.  The first thing to consider would be the types of projects you will be using it for and is it for your home or business.  This will help you determine if you need a heavy duty commercial machine or if you can go with a smaller, more personal machine.

When choosing a power washer you want to look at the PSI (pounds per square inch).  A pressure washer that has up to a 1400 PSI will do fine for such jobs as cleaning lawn furniture or an automobile.  A pressure washer with 1400 to 2200 PSI will be good for cleaning the outside of the house, the deck and even a vinyl fence but we specialize in a “softwash” technique that is safer for your homes exterior and 2200 to 3500 PSI is great for driveways or sidewalks.  You also want to look at the GPM (gallons per minute) to determine how fast the machine is, the higher the GPM, the faster the job will get done.

When you check out the various machines, look at what their GMP are and the PSI.  You will also want to have one that comes with various tips for different jobs as this means you will be able to get more use out of the machine.  The size of the machine you get will also depend on the amount of space you have to store one.  For instance you will not want to get a commercial sized one if you have nowhere to store it when not in use.

If you are new to using a pressure washing machine and you want to tackle a large project such as preparing your home for a new coat of paint, you may want to consider having a professional come in and do the work.  Their work is guaranteed and they get it done fast.  This way you will ensure that it is done right and in a timely manner.  Never try to take on something that is too large or complicated as you may end up spending more money in the long run to make repairs and to get the job finished correctly.

Having your own pressure washer is definitely an asset if you consider yourself a Do-It-Yourself Weekend Warrior with extra time on your hands. You just need to know which type of machine you need and for what projects you want to use it for.  Otherwise, you may want to contact a reputable professional to complete your specific tasks.  If you have further questions or concerns regarding power washing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to help you make the right choice and answer any questions you may have.